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Program Management
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Program Management

B3 Solutions Program Management line of business focuses on providing adaptable Program Management Office (PMO) support to clients as simplistic or as complex as required by their needs. PMO interface and core support for most client assistance includes providing oversight of all program management activities, and control of the work performed across key task areas. B3's PMOs are led by Program Management Professionals (PMP) certified Program Managers (PM) who are responsible for the quality and performance measurement of all deliverables. Typically clients' needs will always include the following support functions:

  • Program Management
  • Schedule Creation and Tracking
  • Risks & Issues Management
  • Financial/Cost Tracking and Review
  • Quality Management
  • Performance Measurement
  • Information Organization
  • SharePoint and 360 Solutions

Depending on the Statement of Work, clients can also be provided additional support in the following areas: Business Process Engineering, Correspondence Support, Data Analysis, Database Management Support, and Records Management. Deliverables for this support are tailored to the client's requirements. The major aspects of our clients’ programs are tracked and reported:

  • Internal Status Report – provides an executive summary overview of major issues driving red or yellow status for the initiatives.
  • Weekly Status Report – tracks the status for all critical milestones, new fiscal year funding, and program highlights. 
  • Project Metrics and Analysis Dashboard – provides performance metrics for each project section on Schedule, Budget/Cost, Quality and Risk and an overall rating. This also includes current status, key dates/deadlines, and action items.
  • Finance Dashboard – provides all financial information for funding for a clear look of where there may be an issue of over obligations and underfunding.

B3 PMOs can also offer the client a complete beginning to end life cycle support of their project by providing closeout and financial auditing of their project:  

  • Analysis and Actions: comprehensive analysis of program and project information on demand in addition to basic project analysis. These actions help clients ensure rapid response and monitoring to any actionable analysis.
  • Financial Auditing:  proactive financial auditing and monitoring to ensure all aspects of the contract are within the purviews of the Federal Acquisition Regulations. The PMO ensures the validity of all financial transactions so that the client can focus on strategic planning.
  • Financial Close-Outs:  provide basic and comprehensive program fiscal year closings of all projects as well as the close-outs at the end of a project's life. Transparent accounting of projects is provided to the client as part of our PMO services.